Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Object of geek desire: Mr. Potato Dalek

Doctor Who's been enjoying an overwhelming renaissance in fandom since the proud ears of Christopher Eccleston jutted out of the TARDIS way back in 2005.

Since that time, David Tennant and Matt Smith have introduced a whole new generation of geeks to the world of Time Lords, Daleks, and reincarnating doctors and, as a result, it's now impossible such, to attend a convention these days and not hear the phrase EXTERMINATE! shouted by gaggles of fans wielding all manner of sonic screwdrivers.

This week's object of geek desire is aimed directly at these fans as well as - perhaps - fans of vintage toys from the 1950s.

Yes, that's exactly what it looks like: a Mr. Potato Dalek.

It's no secret that Mr. Potato Head has been hellbent on shaking his wholesome image from the 1950's, and modern years have seen no shortage of branded Potato Heads  from Star Wars to Indiana Jones roll out of Hasbro's factories. But this... this is something else entirely.

Brought to the internet by no less a site than Nerd Approved, the amazing Doctor Who Gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head is sure to set the hearts of geek girls and geek guys aflutter this holiday season when he's unwrapped under in front of whatever seasonal shrub presents itself. Measuring 7" tall, the "Extermi-tater" is festooned with gold-painted Dalek armor and comes equipped with all the usually kitchen gadgets high-tech weaponry that one would expect from one of the Doctor's most dangerous foes.

He's not available to ship just yet, but those interested in ordering can chuck $24.99 Nerd Approved's way and pre-order Mr. Potato Dalek before he ships in November 2013.  If nothing else, he'll counterbalance the 11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head on your desk or entertainment center perfectly.