Monday, October 21, 2013

The latest Persona 3 movie trailer is incredible, will make you want to fire up your PS2 or PSP

Persona 3 came out a little over seven years ago in Japan, but you wouldn't guess the game's over half a decade old based on the surging interest in the story as of late.

The pick-your-own-protagonist stage adaptation is due out in Japanese theaters this January, but not every Persona fan is up for a night of live drama.  For these theater-fearing fans, Atlus has another reason to get excited planned. Namely, a feature anime movie - Persona 3: Spring of Birth - which launches in November.

Unfortunately, it's not as progressive toward the totally awesome female protagonist storylines since it follows the original Persona 3 plot and doesn't get into the expanded world of Persona 3 Portable (P3P) - so fans of Saori and Rio might be a touch disappointed.

On the other hand, it has the rest of the S.E.E.S. team fighting Shadows in Tartarus, holding guns evokers to their heads, and summoning some of the coolest looking demons you'll ever see - so it's still got that, and Mitsuru Kirijo, going for it.

The odds of this one making it overseas in any official capacity are only slightly better than a touring version of the stage play winding its way to Broadway - but hey, stranger things have happened.

With a release date of November 23 fast approaching, however, chances are good that a fan-subbed version might make its way online before Christmas - but it'd still be nice to see Atlus USA release this one stateside.