Thursday, October 10, 2013

This live-action Portal short asks 'how is it even science without the possibility of death?'

Portal and Portal 2 are rightfully regarded as two of the most innovative puzzle games to emerge in recent memory, so it's little wonder that fans would eventually clamor for a third installment - and a movie.

Whacky physics aside, however, Portal would be a difficult concept to map out to a film without some hefty changes.  With the exception of some minor robot and human companionship in the second game, the mute protagonista - Chell - goes it alone for the majority of the two games and doesn't really interact with anyone or anything that can't have a blue or orange oval blasted onto it.

A recent live-action fan film, however, gives a glimpse at one way a Portal movie could work and the results are rather impressive.

...especially considering that it was allegedly shot for under $500.00 at YouTube Space L.A.

Following in the footsteps of Lab Ratt and the Portal 2 Saturday morning cartoon,  Portal: Survive! (Live-Action Short) is a prime example of everything that makes a fan film great.  Directors Colin and Connor McGuire showed incredible attention to detail throughout the entire short - going so far as to replicate the locked door sound from the games as Chell tries to break out of a somewhat generic-looking office space.

Really, the best parts the portals themselves - which appear for a criminally short amount of time in the seven and a half minute short.  But those who dug the Portal 2: Lab Rat comic will really enjoy the section in middle.

Ultimately, Portal: Survive! is probably all we'll ever need from a Portal movie.  Like the first Portal game, it's visually impressive but somewhat short - which makes it perfect for your mid-day YouTube viewing.