Monday, October 28, 2013

This Super Mario Bros. themed nursery is the best thing to happen to babies since the boppy

Picking the right decorations for a child's nursery is a daunting task.

It's easy to stick to traditional blues, pinks, and yellows, but parents should never be afraid to let their artistic sides run wild especially since they - as the child's caregivers - will be spending a herculean amount of time in the room.

Last summer, a pair of parents put together one of the most impressive nurseries to date - adorning its walls with massive murals inspired by The Legend of Zelda.  In doing so, they not only created a beautiful and personal room for their child to grow up in - they also threw down a gauntlet to parents around the world daring them to do one better.

Now, that gauntlet's been picked up another young couple who drew on Nintendo for inspiration.  But, as you can see, they went in a slightly different direction.

The result - captured by the mother-to-be's brother on his imgur account - was a Super Mario Bros. themed nursery impressive enough to receive an official shout out by Nintendo of America, who tweeted pictures of the room for all of its 500,000 followers to enjoy.

Like the Zelda nursery, the highlight of this room is the hand-painted murals - but there are a mountian of smaller details that help bring the Mario theme to life like a bob-omb lamp, question mark box hidden shelves, warp pipe trash cans, and a Thinkgeek-exclusive 8-bit flower bouquet.

Sure, the young girl lucky enough to call this room home will probably be too young to remember the decorations on the wall but with any luck, she'll internalize a love of the classics from the awesome labor of love that her parents put together for her.

Want to see more (or higher-res) shots of the nursery?  Check out the imgur page!