Monday, November 4, 2013

A little Star Wars makes Thomas Kinkade's cottage paintings all the more enjoyable

I've had an irrational vendetta against the late Thomas Kinkade for as far back as I can remember.

Maybe it's because he took to calling himself the "Painter of Light" as he engaged in a one-man crusade to corner the greeting card market of contemporary art.  This crusade, while successful, also led to a litany of lawsuits and territorial urine marking before an FBI investigation finally took the wind out of Kinkade's sales sails.

Still, for better or worse, Mr. Kinkade left the world on April 6, 2012. Many artists have tried replicate Kincade's style of wholesome cottage paintings since his passing, but they've found an illusive element missing from their attempts.

Deviant artist RolandDeschane might not have cracked the code of Kincade's genius, but he *did* discover what element was missing from Kincade's works all along - Star Destroyers.  Lots and lots of Star Destroyers.

The end result of RolandDeschane's work is a gallery dubbed "Wars on Kincade" which mashes up Thomas Kincade's Hallmark style of art with imperial forces from the Star Wars universe.

In other words, it's pretty much the best thing to happen to the internet since that Numa Numa Guy.

Deschane doesn't just stick to Star Destroyers, however.  Check out the gallery to see Storm Troopers, AT-ATs, and rogue Rancors all compete with one another to class up Kincade's ephemeral masterpieces.