Thursday, November 28, 2013

Avoid ineffectual Thanksgiving drama by letting Hatsune Miku show you how to flip the bird

Few holidays polarize families quite like Thanksgiving does.

When generations of a clan are forced into the same shared space for a few days and are tasked with creating a common meal together, it's only natural that someone will eventually snap.

Many families live in fear - or anticipation - of this holiday drama.  Whether the eventual meltdown is caused by an innocuous comment about someone's career (or lack thereof) or decision to go back for second helpings of pie, you can always tell the exact moment when shit is about to get real.

Should you find yourself on the giving end of drama this Thanksgiving, it's imperative that you provide your relatives a meltdown worth remembering.  A simple "Shut up!" isn't going to cut it in this highly charged situation, so take some tips on how best to flip the bird from the first lady of Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku.

It might not be as dramatic as flipping the table, admittedly, but this method of response is 98% less likely to give your aunt Doris third-degree gravy burns.