Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Object of geek desire: LED-powered Final Fantasy VII materia

Few things bring a good cosplay to life quite like a careful attention to minor details does.

It's easy to skip over small stuff to focus on the larger parts of the outfit - like the clothing, armor, and swords - but devoted cosplayers won't stop until every last detail is in order.

For these perfectionists, and for fans of Final Fantasy VII in general, this week's object of geek desire will be pretty tough to top.

Created by Etsy artist orihalcon2015, the Final Fantasy VII Materia comes in a variety of colors that you'd expect from the game: Green for magic, Red for summons, Blue for support, and Orange/Yellow for commands.

The orbs are made from cast, clear resin which is then filled with iridescent paper to achieve a hazy, crystalline effect.  Better yet, each billiard ball-sized miracle sphere will only set you back between $10 and $15 (with $7 shipping), which is a great deal for a glowing, battery-powered cosplay prop or totally awesome desk accessory.

Unfortunately, the reason behind the cheap cost is because the shop owner won't be making the materia for much longer.  Reasons aren't really given on his shop page but he indicates that supplies are limited to what's already available, so it's best to act quickly if you want one.

Just be sure keep them the hell away from anyone dressed like a ninja girl if you take 'em out to your local con.  Yuffie's annoying enough in the game, you don't want to encourage her in real life...