Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Object of geek desire: Pokeball friendship necklace

A good friend knows the limits of friendship, and they should also know that they'll never be able to approximate the bond that a trainer shares with their Pokemon.

While Pokemon can't get you beer, introduce you to their cute friends, or bail you out of prison (yet...), their unflinching loyalty and willingness to live in a tiny, two-tone ball makes them the truest of true companions.

That's why this week's object of geek desire ranks as the greatest token of esteem that you can give a friend. It says, "I've got plenty of wild acquaintances, but when the chips are down - I choose you".

Created by Etsy artist TheTrinketSlot, this Pokeball Friendship Necklace is a perfect way to share a bond of friendship and geekiness with that special someone in your life be they friend or romantic partner. Made out of laser-cut acrylic, the Friendship Necklace in question comes as a matched set, which means you get both halves for the relatively modest price of $20.00 (+$2.00 shipping).

While wearing half of a laser-cut pokeball around your neck is cool enough on its own, you can even personalize the necklace halves with optional engraving for just $5.00 more.  Suffice it to say that "I choose you" is a popular choice for budding geek romances, so try to break the mold a little and come up with something like "Our friendship is super effective!"

Although, the sample engraving on the Etsy listing is pretty hard to top...