Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Chocobo Pope might be the cutest minion in FFXIV history

When Final Fantasy XIV isn't dropping jaws with its amazing cinematics, high-level dungeons, and awesome instanced Primal fights, it's giving players plenty to do in the reborn world of Eorzea.

An upcoming patch in December - 2.1 - will add plenty of improvements to the game along with new features like company and player housing along beauty salons to change your character's in-game appearance.

With that patch a few weeks out still, Square Enix decided to release a highlight reel that shows off the adorable vanity minions and mounts that players can collect in the game.  Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will find plenty of familiar faces in the clip below.

The minions are - as you'd expect - miniature pets that follow your character around and are mostly included to create a sense of d'awwwww rather than a sense of awe in passing players.

Still, some are quite rare, and are worth a great deal of prestige in-game.

In addition to the awesome minions, the trailer also shows off some of the mounts that players can ride in-game from chocobos, to towering gobbues, and even FFVI-inspired magitek armor.

A full list of all the minions and mounts can be found over at Minion Menagerie XIV.  While the Chocobo Pope at the top of this post is inarguably the most adorable, the main draw for {long time} Final Fantasy players is the latest iteration of the 1/1200 Airship... the wind-up airship:

Square Enix, why must you torment me so?