Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Clemson Tigers give a marching band salute to Nintendo

Not that long ago, Ohio State's best damn band in the land (tm) threw down the gauntlet for awesome halftime shows inspired by video game music.

The Buckeyes reigned supreme in this rather niche arena of marching band supremacy for a full year, but now Clemson University's marching Tiger Band has responded with an entire halftime show dedicated to 8-bit Nintendo music.

And by that I really mean Mario Bros. with a bit of Zelda tossed in for good measure, but who cares that "Bloody Tears" is missing? This show and its drills are both pretty incredible.

The only thing to take away from the amazing, marching goomba is the cringe-worthy commentary by the French (?) err, Russian... videographers who somehow mistake the star for Patrick from Spongebob.  Also, the stadium announcer's lines are pretty cringeworthy as well... but at least he's in the spirit of the show.

If it wasn't a social taboo to walk down the street wearing a sousaphone, I'd totally get back into marching band again after watching shows like these.