Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Deck the Dovahkiin, it's Christmas in Skyrim

Skyrim's a bit of a older game to the voracious appetites of today's modern gamer, but it seems like just yesterday that that thousands of geeks across the world were losing themselves in the quest to become the Dovahkiin.

Still, Christmas - and Steam sales - make it likely that a whole new crowd of Skyrim-come-lately's will fall prey to the immense Elder Scrolls saga this winter, and so your pal here at Kawaiian Punch dug up a Christmas present for these gamers (who play on PCs...): a collection of Skyrim Christmas mods!

Mods are absolutely nothing new to Skyrim (or PC games in general), and they allow you to do just about anything you'd like in the world of Skyrim from playing as Hatsune Miku to adding entire adventure packs into the original game.

It makes sense, then, that the ever-creative community of modders would turn their collective gaze towards bringing some holiday cheer to the streets of Whiterun and the gritty graphics that accompany the game's textures.

The first such mod, It's Christmas in Skyrim, adds subtle touches like wreaths and Christmas trees to the main towns and in-game areas while Seasons in Skyrim allows players to ratchet up the snow and icy textures up a few notches to create a full-blown "winter paradise".

Christmas Lanterns is a fun mix of the first two mods, that lets you festoon trees with ornaments while colored holiday lanterns pop up on inns and other buildings. Saturalia, meanwhile, is one of the most expansive of the Christmas mods out there and it introduces groups of Christmas carolers and armloads of santa hats to make Skyrim a beautiful, silly place for as long as you have the mod active.

Of the mods, Saturalia is probably the best go-to if you only pick one, since it's the closest to a full holiday event that you'd find in an MMORPG and it even adds a few holidays quests in with the holiday frivolities.

Unfortunately, the holiday spirit will pass you over if you're a PS3/Xbox Skyrim gamer... but 'tis the season to get modding if you're on a PC!