Thursday, December 5, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV's in-game salons receive an awesome faux commercial

Vanity in an MMO is a funny thing.

Some players fall head-over-heels for how their character's appearance and will spend hours grinding for a piece of armor that makes them look slightly better than the kit they already have, while others wear the absolute best gear at all times regardless of how fugly it looks.  

The upcoming 2.1 patch to Final Fantasy XIV is bringing a new "Beauty Salons" feature to Eorzea to cater to the vainest of the vain characters, and Square Enix released a rather cheeky spoof commercial to advertise for it.

Ok, so it's not *that* cheeky - it's just a bunch of dudes modeling the Hume Hyur hair helmet... but the old timey Italian barber is a nice touch.

Anyway, a recent Q&A with FFXIV's producer showed that the salons will set players back 2,000 gil every time they want to use the service which really isn't that bad of a price if you're tired of your character's pre-A Realm Reborn hairstyle.

But the salons don't just stop at styling and coloring  Players can also adjust their a character's eyebrows, facial tattoos, facial hair, face paint, and facial features all in the same chair - meaning you can get a hipsterian faux hawk and a nose job at the same time.

Take that, SuperCuts.