Monday, December 9, 2013

This Hobbit-inspired Thranduil Cosplay makes Lee Pace out to be a very pretty man

Full disclosure, I've had something of a man-crush on Lee Pace ever since the hauntingly beautiful art film The Fall in 2008.  His performance in Pushing Daisies didn't hurt my opinion of him any, but Marmeduke... well, nobody's perfect.

Anyway, Pace's career looks like it's in for a renaissance following his atypical blockbuster casting as Thranduil (aka Legolas' dad) in Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy.

Aside from his iconic eyebrows, however, many moviegoers probably wouldn't remember Pace from last year's first installment in the series - An Unexpected Journey - given his lack of screen time, but his  detached pretty boy good looks inspired some out there to fire up their cosplay creativity.

Above is the work of Deviant Artist Kaetiegaard, a crafty Italian gal who's got a great eye for detail and wasn't going to let a silly thing like her gender keep her from rocking an incredible Thranduil.

Using a stock ebay wig and some impressive sewing skills, Kaetiegaard does an incredible job of capturing Pace's look as the elf king of Mirkwood.

Although I guess her eyebrows could be a bit thicker.

Anyway, Kaetiegaard's Thranduil cosplay was so awesome that it got The Hobbit's official Twitter account to retweet it to its 200,000 followers - once again proving that you shouldn't let something as silly as your gender (or height) determine who you should cosplay as.

Those interested in seeing a few more shots of Kaetiegaard's costume can her coat, crown, and obsession with Lee Pace's eyebrows in more detail by following the links.