Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Sailor Moon series hits the net this July, may introduce LGBT characters

Good news, fans of magical girls and extended transformation sequences - Sailor Moon is making a comeback!

Almost 20 years after the last episode aired, Naoko Takeuchi's popular characters will return in a new series that'll be broadcast online this July via Niconico Douga and subtitled in 10 different languages.

Better yet, AnimeNewsNetwork notes that the new series is a complete reboot of the franchise that will adhere to the story of the original manga and won't be a simple sequel or remake of the original (and incredibly popular) mid-90's anime.

This means the new show might be a disappointment to 20- and 30-something otaku for whom Sailor Moon was an early morning staple in their youth, but there could be a lot of positives to come from this.

Namely, if the show follows the manga closely, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune (who were originally lesbian lovers and not cousins) might have their original sexuality restored... which would be something of a coup for global anime equality.

Secondly, it's being broadcast online so there *shouldn't* be any delay between when the episodes air in Japan and when they make their way to English-speaking audiences abroad.  This is a clever - and not at all traditional - way to reach Sailor Moon's global audience and might be a sign of things to come with big name anime releases.

Although a more paranoid person would look at this and Pokemon X / Y's simultaneous global release and think that Japan is working on some madcap scheme to take over the world with mid-90's nostalgia...