Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Object of geek desire: the costumes from Final Fantasy: Terra

Final Fantasy: Terra was one of the coolest live-action fan films that never was.

It appeared back on the scene in June and had the very best of intentions behind it, but the project was ultimately (if not surprisingly) nixed by Square-Enix for infringing on its intellectual property.

Sadly, that decision meant the saga of Final Fantasy: Terra was effectively over - but the crew behind the project has one last hurrah for people who like wearing other people's clothing...

That's right, loyal readers, they've put the costumes from the fanfilm on sale via ebay, so from now until January 13, you have the option to bid on the finished costumes worn by the actors in the film's trailer.

Although Final Fantasy: Terra planned to include most - if not all - of the expansive cast of Final Fantasy VI, the crew only made what costumes were necessary for the trailer.  This means you're out of luck if you wanted to score some sweet Umaro cosplay, but you can still bid on the costumes for Terra, Celes, Edgar, Locke, Kefka, and an Imperial Soldier.

Like most wardrobe items, the costumes were custom-tailored to the individual actor... so your individual mileage wearing the ensembles may vary.  The actress who played Celes, for example, was 5'4" with a 28" waist, while Locke Cole sported a 31.5" waist and had an inseam of 32".  One size certainly does not fit all.

Still, each costume is a one-of-a-kind item comes with free shipping (yay!), but doesn't include any weapons, jewelry, or shoes shown in the trailer or promotional photography (boo).

Given their stylized natures, these might not make the best cosplay choices for the busy summer con season - but if you're looking for an esoteric Final Fantasy VI collectible (or a fun outfit to wear to your local renaissance festival), then get thee to ebay!