Friday, January 31, 2014

Pokemon fan? You better cheer for Nate Irving and the Denver Broncos this Sunday

Super Bowl 48 kicks off this Sunday, and chances are good that unless you're a fan of Denver or Seattle you'll just be watching for the commercials.

But Denver Broncos linebacker Nate Irving might change that - because he's spent three hours of every night this week - the week leading up to the biggest game of his career - holed up in his Jersey City hotel room playing Pokemon.

This man is my fucking hero.

The Wall Street Journal - of all places - reports that that Nate Irving is apparently a huge Poke-nerd, and had no interest in going out to soak up the festival commercialism that's descended on the tri-state area.

When asked what his plans for the week leading up the Super Bowl were, the 6'1", 245 lbs Irving simply responded with, "I'm actually going to sit in my hotel room, play my 'Pokemon' game".

This man knows how to read post routes, breed Eevees
(Credit: The Denver Post/Getty Images)

Irving apparently has a reputation for marching, dancing, and singing to the beat of his own drummer, and his teammates have grown accustomed to his odd behavior which includes talking, singing, and dancing with himself in the locker room.

On his day off - Tuesdays - he plays roughly 9-10 hours of video games with his college friends and tends to his pet bearded dragons "the big man" and "the little girl".  When on the road, he packs his Nintendo Handheld (I'm guessing a bright-ass yellow Pikachu 3DS XL) in his bag and plays on long bus or plane trips.

His hobbies aren't shared by many on his team, however, and Irving admits that sometimes he tries to hide his gaming from them, " bend over in the seat, like I'm asleep, or play with my head down." Irving admits.

Still, Irving doesn't care if people call him "weird", a nerd, a geek, or worse.

"I know not too many people are into the things I'm into, I just embrace that and I enjoy it.'"

Forget the Super Bowl, can we just give this guy a ring already?