Thursday, January 2, 2014

Square Enix hints at possibility of Final Fantasy X-3, remaster ending says it's coming

The western release of the gorgeous Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster is still a good ways off for fans in the US and Europe, but details are already leaking about the possibility of a third installment in the saga of Yuna and Tidus.

Just as a note, there'll be some pretty hefty spoilers from here in - so if you haven't played Final Fantasy X or its sequel, X-2, you might want to skip this.

Now then!  Square Enix has already mentioned that X-2 will receive enormous, 30-minute audio epilogue once the final dungeon's cleared which led many fans to believe SE would be tying a nice, neat bow on the universe that Final Fantasy X created back in 2001.

Turns out, the exact opposite of that is happening and the epilogue is likely setting up Final Fantasy X-3.

The epilogue (dubbed Final Fantasy X -Will-) has already leaked online following its release in Japan, and some fans have posted details of what you can expect from it - namely, the dissolution of Tidus and Yuna's relationship as Yuna gets jealous of one of Tidus's friends and decides to break up with him to go fight Sin all over again.

So, yeah - that whole doomed romance between Yuna and Tidus that provided much of the meat in FFX's poignant story - which was completely un-doomed FFX-2, by the by - might be ending because of catty female jealous.

What's more, Final Fantasy X scenario writer Kazushige Nojima hinted that he'd be up for making Final Fantasy X a full-blown trilogy provided, of course, that "there's enough demand" for it in the first place.

There's a lot of uncertainty around all of this at the moment, but the only thing that is certain is that the Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD remaster hits the west on March 18th - so we don't have *too* long to wait until we can dive into Final Fantasy X -Will- ourselves.

Personally, I'd like to see Yuna and Tidus stay together - assuming that Tidus actually came back in the first place - but if the epilogue sets up a darker, grittier Final Fantasy X-3 then it might just be worth all the relationship drama.

And if not, well, there's always the hope that it might finally make the decade's worth of incestuous Rikku/Yuna shipping actual cannon...