Friday, January 17, 2014

Take three minutes to learn how to make Totoro PopTarts

For most of us, PopTarts were a staple of high school life.  Easily one of the worst breakfast options available to just about anyone, these gooey, sugary treats still have a way of calling to us as adults whenever we walk past the cereal aisle in the supermarket.

The big problem most people have with PopTarts now is that - while tasty - they're nowhere near delicious or tempting enough to justify the calories and sugar hidden in each preservative-laden flaky toaster pastry.

That problem goes straight out the window with Kawaii Sweet World's homemade Totoro PopTarts.

Watching the video below, you'll see that these are by no means healthier than Kellogg's ubiquitous breakfast treats - and they're really just miniature, frosted apple pies.  Somehow, however,  that actually makes them easier to come to terms with as a dessert and OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE TOTORO!!!

*ahem* Sorry about that.  To make these amazingly geeky confections, all one needs is some basic pastry dough, a few tablespoons of filling (apple was used here, but I'd totally go for pumpkin), some homemade icing, a few toothpicks for detail working, and a heaping helping of patience.

While the talented gal behind Kawaii Sweet World makes the dying and decorating process look rather easy, I'll draw on some (limited) personal experience and recommend buying the colored icing rather than mixing it by hand

...especially if you're making these for a significant other, fiance, or spouse who probably won't have any idea how many hours you spent mixing (and cleaning up after) the one teaspoon of black icing you needed to bring these pastries to life.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a breakfast date planned with some canned pumpkin pie filling and my Totoro blu ray.