Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winds of Winter will feature a 'controversial' Sansa Stark chapter, internet loses its mind

After the frostbite of the past few days, it's safe to say that most people are ready for summer... but many diehard Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire fans are still desperately awaiting The Winds of Winter.

Elio Garcia, the webmaster for and GRRM's BFF, recently stoked this fan frenzy into a fevered pitch when he casually mentioned Book 6 will include a Sansa chapter that's "sure to be controversial".

Vulture points out that this means that Garcia has read portions of Book 6 already (status quo, for Martin's unofficial fact checker) - which is good news for the rest of us - but what could make the chapter so controversial?

Spoilers - and discussion - follow!

Over the course of five books Sansa is perhaps best known for putting the Stockholm in Stockholm Syndrome, so anything approaching "controversial" (which implies action and character development) is a welcome change... provided it's not a chapter of sexual humiliation and rape which, sadly, wouldn't be all that surprising.

At the end of A Dance with Dragons, Sansa is up in the Vale masquerading as Littlefinger's bastard daughter Alayne Stone and is busy squirming away from her fake father's uber-creepy advances.  Also, she's left to care for her tyrannical toddler of a cousin Robert Arryn, heir to the Vale, and is currently betrothed to his rival successor, Harold Hardyng.

Suffice it to say, then, that Sansa's situation is ripe with shit that could go real at any moment, and some fans expect the controversy to manifest as her killing either Robert or Littlefinger after being pushed past the point of breaking.

Littlefinger seems the most likely candidate - especially since Sansa saw Littlefinger toss her aunt out the 'ol moon door after she went fullblown crazy in Book 3.  Sending Littlefinger to follow poor Lysa Arryn would be a pretty sweet move on Sansa's part but, then again, Sansa has an unfortunate habit of being too timid to shove her abusive paramours off of convenient precipices.

Also, this really wouldn't be controversial since Littlefinger has basically had a "please kill me" sign taped to him since Book 1.

Regardless of what awaits Sansa in this chapter of controversy, I couldn't be happier that Garcia leaked this spoiler online since it finally gives me a reason to be excited about Sansa chapters.