Monday, February 3, 2014

Crypton celebrates Megurine Luka's fifth birthday by announcing Vocaloid V3 update

Our little Vocaloids are growing up so fast!  Just a few months after Hatsune Miku celebrated her sixth birthday, and now the more mature Megurine Luka turned five just last week.

While Luka doesn't have quite the same level of celebrity that Miku does, Crypton was loathe to let the anniversary pass un-celebrated, and so it announced that Megurine Luka's V3 (Vocaloid 3 engine) upgrade is in the works.

This is an expected move, since Crytpon's been rebooting all of its Vocaloids from Meiko on up - but it's still pretty exciting as Luka has one of the more natural-sounding voicebanks of any of the characters.

Details on what V3 Luka will entail are pretty slim at the moment, but from what's been posted there's a lot to look forward to. Namely...
  • Improvements on higher pitched singing range for a fuller and more open voice
  • Advanced sound design for more voice realism - sound design includes simulating movement and conditions of the mouth and voice tension
Luka's always been somewhere between a husky mezzo soprano and an alto, so the improvements to the higher ranger are welcome - but the improvements to voice realism surrounding the mouth and voice tension are pretty intriguing and are definitely the sort of thing that serious Vocaloid producers and fans will nerd out to.

Additionally, a host of new Megurine Luka songs made their way online this past week to help celebrate her fifth birthday including the infectious - if poorly named - Chocolate Road.  

So get to downloadin' and get your ears ready for the Luka reboot which should be completed, hopefully, sometime later this year.

Until then, here's some classic Luka to help you through your Monday.