Monday, February 24, 2014

Hatsune Miku's latest Vocaloid friends are ready for the twincest

The Vocaloid family of characters is ready to get a bit bigger this March with addition of twin sister voices Anon & Kanon.

Created by Yamaha as part of the Vocaloid3 engine, these twin high school girls are as similar and different as a set of identical twins can be.  They both enjoy - and I kid you not - "dancing and bread", but Anon (the short-haired girl on the left) is a bit of an innocent and vapid airhead.

By contrast, Kanon - on the right, with the smirk and black uniform - is the more mature of the two and worries about her ditzy sister's future all while enjoying "PE and Math".

At least, that's according to the official literature put out to advertise for Anon & Kanon, who come out on March 3, incidentally.

Yamaha's been pretty tight-lipped about what Vocaloid fans and producers can expect from the pair of new twins in terms of voice quality, and no one's been credited with providing the voice (or voices) for the pair of ersatz ingenues.

In fact, all fans have to go on so far is this super-short, super-poppy demo:

In terms of looks, it's clear that Yamaha's aiming to cash in on Hatsune Miku's coquettishness but there's also a nice, deeper register that puts Anon & Kanon more in line with Megurine Luka.

There's also definitely a good sense of harmony between the two voices, as one would expect from twins, but it's still way too early to tell what space these two will occupy in the already crowded Vocaloid landscape - or if they'll ever get popular enough to gain a following among fans and producers.

What's more certain, however, is that Pixiv artists are going to have a field day twincest'ing the hell out of these two.