Friday, February 7, 2014

Kickstarter for Mai Mai Miracle, an anime from Kiki's Delivery Service assistant directory, funded in a day

Well, that certainly didn't take long.

Not two days ago, a UK company called All the Anime (all of it!!!!) launched a Kickstarter for an English-language release of Sunao Katabuchi's 2009 fairy tale anime Mai Mai Miracle.  After a couple of frenzied hours, the project shot well past its $30,000 funding goal which means a western subtitled release is on the way.

A professionally produced dub looks pretty likely, too, as it only needs to raise an additional $10,000 with 28 days left in the campaign.

So, what is Mai Mai Miracle - you might ask?

Visually, it's a great callback to Katabuchi's time spent at Studio Ghibli and the plot isn't far too off either as it's a classic coming of age story centering around two young girls, Shinko and Kiiko.

Shinko's a bit of a country bumpkin, but has an extremely active imagination and spends most of her time listening to her grandfather's history lessons.  One day, following a rather personal loss, Kiiko transfers to Shinko's school from Tokyo and is - understandably - underwhelmed by her new digs.

Shinko sees a potential friend in Kiiko and invites her to take part in her make believe adventures around the sleepy town the girls call home.  Eventually, Shinko gives herself over to the adventures and uses them to come to grips with her loss and come out of her shell.

To get a strikingly spartan idea of what you can expect, take a look at the pitched trailer below

If you're interested in getting in on Mai Mai Miracle early, there are still plenty of nifty backer rewards available on its Kickstarter.  $25 gets you the digital version of the film (incl. dub, if produced) while $55 nabs you a Blu Ray & DVD combo.

It's a great chance to help an artistic project dismissed as being not "commercially viable" see exposure in the west and - hey - new anime!