Friday, February 14, 2014

Let your 'Special feeling' shine with these anime Valentines

Ah, l'amour.

That's right, loyal readers, it's Valentine's Day which means its once again time to capitulate to social customs and show the object of your affection that you really mean business.

In years past, I've assembled some digital Valentine's Day Cards drawn from anime and video games but this year, I'm getting in touch with a whole new type of special feeling.  And that special feeling comes from this anonymous - and now famous - couple in Tokyo who recently became a viral sensation.

When asked by a reporter what he enjoyed most about the record-breaking snowfall in Tokyo, the young man replied - much to his partner's embarrassment - "being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it."

His girlfriend, eager to hide her blush behind her hand, helped catapult the couple to the heights of ephemeral internet stardom and a new meme was born.

And this meme inspired talented artists in Japan to put their favorite characters in this same situation. So, without further ado, here's a freshly minted batch of Valentines just for you.

If you're rather skip the love and just look at more of these "Special Feelings" meme pics, click on this blue text right here and kiss your afternoon goodbye.