Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Object of geek desire: quad core-powered TARDIS PC

About a month ago, the weekly Object of Geek Desire noticed that Dr. Who was making a bid to monopolize the common geek's bathroom.  Thanks the folks at ThinkGeek, there are TARDIS towels, toothbrush holders, TARDIS shower curtains, and more Police Box branded swag all on offer for your tiny, tiled cubicle of shame.

Now, it seems like the good doctor's indefatigable blue box is ready to take on the gaming room or home office with an absolutely incredible PC case mod.

What you're looking at is the top half of the TARDIS case mod in action - with its glorious blue LEDs firing through the plexiglass (?) windows of the case itself.

Powered by an AMD Phenom 2 Quad Core Processor and 4 gigs of 1600 Crucial DDR RAM, this plucky box has a good bit of powers stuffed into a deceptively small package... which is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a TARDIS-themed machine.

The seller and creator of the case mod, ComputerMonuments, doesn't provide the exact measurements for the TARDIS mod but given that its backbone is a Micro ATX Asus motherboard (a popular choice for small form factor home theater PCs), you can safely bet your last adipose that this won't be a towering titan of a home computer.

It does, however, command a towering titan's price. The TARDIS case mod PC is currently going for $1,800 (+$30 shipping) over on Etsy.

This might seem like an expensive asking price, and it is, but once you see the light show in action it might be a bit easier to justify - the light on top of the call box flickers when the PC's processor is grinding away on whatever Whovian task you throw at it.