Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Object of geek desire: Zelda & Link plush pillow set

In terms of fantasy couples, few can match the perfect synergy of Link and Zelda.

The courage to her wisdom and the hookshot to her boomerang, the mute hero Link has proven - time and again - that he's willing to do whatever it takes to rescue Zelda from harm.  And Zelda, for her part, has proven to be a capable and faithful companion to Link through a quarter century's worth of adventures.

And while their romance has remained off-screen for the most part, there's never been an late-act dalliance (a la Arthur & Guinevere) to spoil the love story.  That makes this week's Object of Geek desire all the more perfect for your snuggling couch.

What you're looking at is the handiwork of Etsy crafter Telahmarie - a matching set of Link and Zelda plush throw pillows.

The pillows are handmade from fleece with eco-felt accents and are stuffed to their rectangular shape with fiberfill. They measure roughly 14" tall by 11" wide, so they're certainly more of an accent piece than something you'd use for neck support... but they do make for a pretty amazing conversation starter.

Here's where I get to the "unfortunately" part of the description.  In this case, the pillows aren't available as a set and must be purchased separately.  Both Link and Zelda command the same pricetag - $30, plus $4.00 shipping - although you'll save a buck on shipping if you order them together ($67, total).

In further news of the unfortunate, Telahmarie seems to have become a victim of her own success and is experiencing "an overwhelming response" to her new line of pillows - meaning, you'll need to warm up to the idea of waiting 4-6 weeks for your order.

Still, if you're patient enough to brave her queue, this pair of pillow pals is easily the coolest thing you can put on your sofa.