Friday, February 28, 2014

This couple wins at Final Fantasy weddings

A little background about your pal here at Kawaiian Punch: two-and-a-half years ago, I walked down the aisle with my wife to a piano arrangement of Final Fantasy VIII's classic theme "Eyes on Me" and  I felt like a billy badass when it came to Final Fantasy wedding touches.

It's a good thing I'm not a competitive person, otherwise I'd have to annul my current marriage and try all over again to top this Filipino couple's amazing, to-the-gunblade's-hilt Final Fantasy-inspired wedding.

Charlene Datan and Choi Elegadio never had any doubts that they wanted a wedding inspired by the rich world of Final Fantasy, and it's clear to see the couple's passion in their dress and faces.

Both me and Choy wanted to do a Final Fantasy-themed wedding since it was Final Fantasy that got us to meet each other,” Charlene told ABS*CBN News. “Final Fantasy was the common ground in our relationship. We would talk about Final Fantasy VIII and Choi introduced me to its other series which got me hooked too!

About the *only* points this couple loses is for thematic consistency.  The groom clearly makes a dashing Squall and the wife is a striking White Mage, but she's also going for a bit of Yuna with the staff and minis.

Still, she can hardly be faulted for her choice in gown since a White Mage's robe can be easily converted to fit with the expected norm of a white wedding dress - and dear God the embroidery on her dress is gorgeous.

As an added bonus, the families, bridal party, and guests all were encouraged to cosplay - Choi's father went as Darth Vader, his eldest sister sported a Star Trek: The Next Generation officer's uniform, and his younger sisters "agreed to be Veelas" as part of Charlene's entourage. 

Check out the video below for all the highlights, including a spot-on homage to Final Fantasy VIII's memorable ballroom scene.

(source: jeanbilius)