Thursday, February 13, 2014

You can finally watch Tyrion LARP - Knights of Badassdom is out on Amazon and iTunes

What a long, strange, trip it's been.

After years of post-production drama, secretive emails, and distribution rights disputes, the geek movie to end all geek movies - Knights of Badassdom - has finally seen the light of day.

Its cast is pretty much everything you'd ever want from a geeky movie about erstwhile LARPers embroiled in a battle against an evil succubus who's out to steal their very souls - which is, let's face it, a pretty specific list of things to want from a movie.

Anyway!  Badassdom's got Peter Dinkelage (Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones), Summer Glau (River Tam, Firefly), Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse, True Blood), Danny Pudi (Abed, Community), and W. Earl Brown (Dan Dohrety, Deadwood) in its massive cast - so there's literally someone for everyone here to fangush over.

Better yet, the score was originally handled by Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary -  so it should be a no-contest smash, right?

Well, here's this about that.  The movie is going to be good - it literally can't be anything other than entertaining given the cast - but it's not going to be the movie it should have been.

After being tipped by an anonymous source involved in the film's production, I learned that the version aired - which was picked up for distribution, e.g. the one you can buy now - is a heavily edited cut that tosses out about half an hour of film shot by director Joe Lynch and features many changes and edits that were done without Lynch's permission.

Thus, the story you'll be seeing isn't the one the director wanted to tell... but it'll still be amusing.  So, proceed with caution or enjoy unabashedly - I'm not here to judge.  As for myself, I plan to add Badassdom to my growing collection of guilty pleasure LARP movies.

Head to Amazon or iTunes if so inclined, or just watch the trailer below.