Thursday, March 13, 2014

Female armor bingo is easy to win, kind of depressing

Ah, bikini mail.

Once the staple of heavy metal album covers and Camero hoods, bikini mail - that's completely impractical and overly sexualized armor for those new to the term - snuck its way into the genres of modern sci-fi and fantasy so quickly that it established itself as an accepted thing before an outcry could be mounted against it.

Worse still, bikini mail as a trope's bled over to fantasy art and character design in almost ever medium - although it still has no problem popping up in games when you least expect it.

Well, the incredibly talented Deviant Artist OzzieScribbler's decided to make of a game of bikini mail - literally! - with "Female Armor Bingo", all in the name of raising awareness.

You'll walk away empty-handed (but a far better person) if you play this against Brienne of Tarth above, but it makes for an intriguing drinking game the next time you decide to fire up a new game or crack open a tabletop rulebook.

The artist even went further and created Female Armor Bingo: Rhetoric Edition - which you can use to keep track of all the counterarguments people might make in favor of women in bikini mail - although I do quibble against the 'male barbarians also fight half-naked since, if neither are sexualized, it's almost a fair draw there.


Print a pair of these out and take 'em around the artists alley of the next con you go to and you'll be amazed at how quickly both cards fill up... but if you really want to dig into the artist's reasoning behind why each of these cards is needed, she created a tumblr to explain each panel of the Armor and Rhetoric bingo cards.