Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation expected this August

Final Fantasy Type-0 is a particularly painful burn - or perhaps burnga - that fans of Final Fantasy XIII are still getting over.

Shown way back at E3 2006 alongside FFXIII, Type-0 is a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga which carries on the meta-storyline introduced to players in XIII.  Originally announced for smartphones - this was, if you can believe, a world before iPads - Type-0 officially made the leap over to the PSP in 2008 and was released in Japan in 2011.

The only problem for western fans is that Square Enix hasn't exactly knocked itself out bringing it to the west - and the hopes of western fans harbor for receiving an official port are fading fast.

But that isn't stopping the dedicated souls of Project Doomtrain, who've announced that their fan translation should be good to go by August 8.

In a blog post on, translator Sky notes that while Type-0's "main story line is tested and looks pretty good", the biggest obstacle to the project's completion is the NPC dialog - and that's because Type-0 has "literally thousands" of NPCs for players to interact with.

To show that work is well underway, however, Sky posted a translation teaser (above) which shows off an eminently playable game.  The menus are all translated, the text is natural, and August 8 can't get here soon enough.

If Project Doomtrain's translation of Type-0 passes muster, it might just help FFXIII remember what was great about the series to date - and forget that Lightning Returns ever happened.

And now, to get you all sorts of excited for the high school military tactics RPG Final Fantasy Type-0, here's the original launch trailer from three (!!!) years ago.