Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Object of geek desire: giant dungeons and dragons dice pillows

For whatever reason, geeks have begun to love them some pillows lately - and no, not just in that way.

As geeks mature and move into geek spaces of their own, they inevitably purchase sofas, beds, and/or love seats (all decidedly ungeeky) and express their fandoms in the most adorable and comfortable way possible.

But what's an old-school, dice-chucking geek to do when every Etsy artist in the world is churning out Dr. Who, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones-inspired pillows? 

They can turn to this week's Object of Geek Desire!

Created by Etsy crafter GeekyCatUK, this handmade DnD Plush Dice - Full Set is everything you need to bring the sectional soft in your gaming den to life. 

The full set features every die from the humble d4 to the rarely used d12 and mighty d20 - all in the same, silly primary colors that most will remember from their first beginners gaming dice sets.  The full set sill cost you a princely sum of $84.66 for all 6 dice (+$30.50 shipping to the US), but you can purchase an individual die of your choosing for $16.93 (+$13.55 shipping).

These dice pillows might not evoke the d'awwwwwws of some of the other pillows featured here recently, but they're everything you need to establish your old school geek cred.  Just, y'know, in pillow form.