Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Object of geek desire: spinning Doctor Who / TARDIS engagement ring

If you're a geek planning to wed a geek, you should already know that you need to step your engagement ring plans up by a few notches.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, we've seen rings inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Pokemon, and Indiana Jones - so, in short, if there's a fandom, you can bet your bottom gold piece that there's an engagement ring for it.

But outside of looking awesome, none of them actually *do* anything ...which is one thing that this week's Object of Geek Desire has over the rest.

What you're looking at is the cleverly named Spin Doctor lady's ring, the handiwork of excellent Etsy artist Paul Michael Designs - and it's everything that's needed to set a Whovian's hear aflutter.

Crafted from your choice of materials (sterling silver up to platinum, with stopovers at 14k white or yellow gold), The Spin Doctor is set with diamonds, artificial sapphires, and natural sapphires to bring the TARDIS's signature blue hues to life.

It also, as the name implies, spins - which makes it a great choice for those who prefer fidget rings and, by extension, annoying the crap out of their co-workers.

The only real downside to The Spin Doctor is its size.  While the jeweler doesn't give specifics, he calls it "a big and bold ring not for the timid" and unabashedly refers to it as a "massively over engineered" piece of jewelry.  So it might not be for the dainty.

Still, if you've got the finger muscles necessary to pull it off and hold it up, The Spin Doctor can be yours for anywhere between $1,050 - $3,050, with shipping costing an extra $15.00 - which is actually quite reasonable for what it delivers.

So whether you're looking to propose to a Whovian or want to 'do you' with your tax return, this is definitely a ring that'll last you for all space and time.