Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Someone forged working versions of Black Star's scythes from Soul Eater

It's always amazing to see an epic cosplayer churn out some equally epic props, but there's something more gratifying about seeing a blacksmith bang out a real replica of a popular video game or anime weapon.

Case in point: the always-talented Man At Arms, who you might remember from his amazing work on Link's Master Sword and, more recently, the Pokemon Honedge.

This time, Man At Arms and his crew set their sites on a less sword-like and more impractical weapon design - Black Star's chain scythes from the anime Soul Eater.  It turns out Tsubaki looks even better when made out of steel and aircraft-grade aluminum.

Sure, they kinda look like the Ice Climber's climbing hammers... but the detail work put into this piece is insane.  Rather than use a simple wood handle stuck into the haft, blacksmith Tony Swatton milled a 1-inch hole into the base of each scythe and inserted an aluminum tube in to serve as the grip.

This makes the chain scythes more sturdy and, like everything else Swatton manufactures, completely usable.  They're also a damn slight more dangerous than your average prop sword, so the demo video is a bit more laid back than usual.

Still, it's always great to see a lava lamp smashed in slow motion. I wonder when he's going to get around to forging Maka's understated scythe (Soul) for the fanbase