Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Someone up and remixed Jeff Goldblum's laugh from Jurassic Park and it is *glorious*

A good remix can be drawn from just about any source of inspiration - so it seems natural that someone would eventually turn to the mid-90's classic Jurassic Park for their remixing needs.

After all, John Williams' score for the film ranks as one of the most memorable to date - and anyone's who's seen the movie can probably recall the various roars, grunts, and squawks of each the dinosaurs from memory.

But what's less natural is that someone skipped over all of that and focused instead on Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum)'s super-awkward laugh/growl/laugh routine for their remix.

Life finds a way... to be awesome.

The Aussie remixer in question, Flipshot, even put up a free download of Hahahrawrrahaha on Mediafire for your downloading pleasure.

So if you absolutely, positively need three minutes of a remixed Jeff Goldblum laugh on your iPhone (and let's face, it who doesn't?) click on this magical blue text and make it happen.