Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surprisingly kawaii Crimean attorney general is thrilled to be an anime character

In case you missed it, things in Crimea haven't been going particularly well lately.

Shortly after the world got over its infatuation with Sochi, the Ukrainian people revolted, its pro-Russian president fled, and Crimea's new hastily-elected government decided it wanted to leave the Ukraine behind and go back to Mother Russia.

As you can imagine, people in the region have been a bit on edge lately - but all that changed briefly when Crimea's new Attorney General, 33 year-old divorcee and surprisingly kawaii government official, Natalia Poklonskaya appeared in the following press conference.

With her big doe eyes, bewildered expression, and snappy military uniform, it's small wonder that Japanese netizens went completely gaga over the Poklonskaya and made her a fan fart favorite for the month of march.

Source: Rocket News

Although she's on the far side of the world from Japan, Poklonskaya's internet popularity recently caught up with her during an interview when - in the midst of a massive international crisis - a journalist asked if she watches anime.

Poklonskaya is understandably impatient with the interviewers at first - again, what with that whole international crisis churning - but she softens noticeably when she sees her chibi-fied likeness staring out at her from the pages of a Crimean newspaper.

After flipping through the paper, Poklonskaya is generally a good sport about the question and responds that while she doesn't watch anime, her 9-year-old daughter does and she seems happy about seeing herself in the style of an anime character.

Shortly after the cuteness of the question subsides, Poklonskaya adopts rather bellicose language as she calls out the Ukrainians who disagree with Crimea's "decision" to go back to Russia.

Her demeanor is understandable as the Ukraine's national security service recently put Poklonskaya's name on the top of its wanted list for a 'takeover of government power' - and many view her as something of a despot in the area.

Given the rhetoric that follows as Poklonskaya lays out her reasons for accepting her government post, it's amazing that she not only entertained the journalists who asked her the anime question - but she smiled and took it all in stride.

...but then, how could you possibly be upset when you see that you've become a homegrown hero to artists that you'll likely never meet?

Speaking only for myself, I can say that I'd happily check out any anime inspired by Poklonskaya's surprising pulchritude - and anti-rebel rhetoric.