Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Final Fantasy XI Fanmade RPG might see the light of day after all

Just over a year ago, a {long time} Final Fantasy XI player, Trinnity, came up with the ambitious idea of turning the massive, multiplayer world of FFXI into a single-player RPG.

Dubbed the Final Fantasy XI Fanmade RPG, the  16-bit project won a huge amount of fans but suddenly went quiet after Trinnity added everything from Notorious Monsters, crafting, fishing, and Blue Magic to the game.  After months of silence, Trinnity reported that a technical setback killed his progress in the game - but it was quickly sorted out and the project was back on track.

...until November, that is, when Trinnity's computer all but exploded.  At this point, Final Fantasy XI Fanmade RPG was put on indefinite hold.

Now, there's finally been another update.  Once again taking to its Facebook page, Trinnity promised that he's armed with a new external harddrive for back-up and is getting back into production "very soon".

He also teased that he's come up with "many many many" new ideas for the game.

It's anyone's guess what those ideas might be, but it'd be rather nifty if he followed Square Enix's lead with the new Trust system - which basically turns the original FFXI into a single-player game anyway.

As many who've left Vana'diel behind can attest, the nostalgia for days spent in Ronfaure, Bastok, Windurst, and Al Zahbi is quite strong - but the time commitment (and monthly subscription fee) required to head back into these lands is often too prohibitive to make such a return possible.

That's why interest in Trinnity's Final Fantasy XI Fanmade RPG is so strong - here's to hoping this game makes it into the hands of players soon.