Thursday, April 24, 2014

Black Desert's environmental trailer is impressively massive

One thing to keep in mind about MMORPGs - the first "M" stands for "Massive", and that's exactly what the world of the upcoming Korean MMO Black Desert is shaping up to be.

If the obscure title sounds familiar, it might be because you remember it from the most amazing character creation system ever - you know, the one that lets you adjust the musculature of each individual thigh and tweak your character's facial muscles at a level that only sculptors would ever care about.

Anyway, you might expect Pearl Abyss - the studio behind the game - to sit back and bask in the fan gushing that followed after that video, but instead they've released a new clip that makes their game look even more enticing.

The #CB2 Environmental Trailer puts you behind the lens of a free-roaming camera that takes to the skies above the sprawling world of Black Desert.  And, while there's no actual black desert visible... it's a damn pretty ride all the same.

It's almost impossible to process what you're seeing during the eleven minutes of that trailer.

That's partially because it's a 720p video and the focus gets a bit fuzzy at times - but when it's sharp and crisp, it's incredibly difficult to remember that you're looking at footage of a video game and not a nature documentary.

The amount of texture control, texture rendering, and outright texturebation from the art team is absolutely gorgeous throughout this trailer and it's almost, almost enough to tempt this aged, old gamer back into the world of PC MMOs.

An English language version is apparently coming, so you if you're anything like me, you might want to start working on your willpower.