Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Final Fantasy XIV fan festival announced for October - coming to Las Vegas, Tokyo, and London

Western players of both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV share the pain of missing out on the annual Vana'fest held in Japan over the past decade.

Each year, tons of players (and cosplayers!) descend on the event, eager to snatch up exclusive merchandise, food, in-game items, and collectibles - while those in the west can only look on and let sad emoticons voice their frustration.  Or, y'know, go to the fan one in Anaheim.

This year, however, Square Enix is doing things a bit differently with Final Fantasy XIV and its first solo fan festival in that it's going global - and it's starting in America.

Beginning this October, the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Fan Festival will come to Las Vegas as the first stop on its global tour.

 Similar events will follow in London and Japan throughout the fall, and while details on the events are slim - they'll offer staged events and appearances by special guests - it's enough to make any red-blooded MMO fan seriously consider a trip to Vegas just to check out the spectacle.

There aren't any firm dates available for the Fan Festival yet, however, and SE said it'll plan to announce them in June *cough*E3*cough* - but it's a good time to start saving up if you have any plans to attend!