Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Japan's top military band covers Hatsune Miku's Senbonzakura

Nico Nico Douga - Japan's answer to YouTube - is gearing up for Nico Nico Cho Party III, a two day celebration of everything that makes video sharing great.

As you might expect, Cho Party III will feature all sorts of acts pop singers to dance teams alongside video game "let's play"s and speed runs.  But it looks like the top draw might be Japan's top military musical ensemble - the Central Band of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force.

Similar in gravitas to the United States Marine Band, the Self-Defense Force Band's is often booked for prestigious events like welcoming foreign dignitaries or playing high-profile political functions.  They're setting all that aside for Cho Party III, however, and are letting their respective hair down with a medley of covers of popular music.

And one of the songs they're covering is none other than Kurousa-P's Vocaloid anthem Senbonzakura. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

In case anyone needs to hear the original for comparison, the Project Diva F version is here:

While this is the Self-Defense Force Band's first time covering a Vocaloid song, the decision to pick Senbonzakura is a natural one.

For starters, the cherry blossoms have just bloomed in Japan - so it's a good fit in terms of timing - and the quasi-nationalistic lyrics make it a natural choice for a military musical ensemble.

But I don't think they went that deep with the decision.  It's a damn catchy song, and it lends itself to an orchestral cover way more than most people would have ever expected.

Now if only they'd cover Ievan Polka...