Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Korean MMO Black Desert's character creator is a game unto itself

If there's one things Korean studios do very well these days, it's churn out high-quality MMOs the likes of which we can only dream about seeing here in the states.

The latest of these upcoming canticles of eye candy, Black Desert, recently took to its Facebook page to show off its powerful character creation system.

"Powerful" is actually an understatement as you can adjust everything from the shape, color, and orientation of your character's pupils to how evenly (or unevenly) their fat and muscle deposits sit on their face and frame.

There really aren't words to do this thing justice.  Watch the video below and prepare to have your mind blown.

As gorgeous as this all looks, there's absolutely no way in hell that I'll ever sit down to play this one.

I'm terrified at the simple prospect of sitting down to name a character and I regularly burn the first three hours of any MMO-styled game tinkering with how my character looks only to spend the next three second guessing trivial choices that will only ever show up when they're wearing a particular set of armor.

For this reason, Black Desert frightens me more than the prospect of a free-to-play main Final Fantasy title... but it might be worth checking out if only to create characters like these.

Black Desert is due out later this year in Korea for PC - more info on the game can be found here.

If I wind up going back to GSTAR this fall, I might just try to track the team behind this one down - if only to find out how long it took them to put this character creation system together.