Monday, April 28, 2014

Object of geek desire: the not-at-all-phallic Monster Hunter USB fan

Capcom's Monster Hunter games have set the gold standard for what players come to expect from console games that let them slay giant beasts with equally gigantic weapons.

And while their popularity in Asia makes Monster Hunter games a consumerist force to be reckoned with, the franchise is only just now finding a widespread audience in the west.

As such, fans are starting to request - nay, demand - imports of Monster Hunter desk accessories and, well... maybe they should be more careful what they ask for.

What you're looking at is this week's Object of Geek Desire - a 1/12 scale Monster Hunter USB Fan from the good folk over at J-List.

The fan depicts a monster-hunting character couching a lance under their arm and plugs into any socket that'll accommodate a standard USB plug. What's more, the lance/fan is adjustable so you can freely change the angle of airflow and simultaneously horrify passerbys with the fact that it looks like a defiantly erect penis.

If you're not turned off by this rather obvious visual comparison, the Monster Hunter USB fan can be yours for $52.00 (plus shipping) - which is a bargain, considering the market for penis-shaped desk accessories.