Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Object of geek desire: overstuffed Snorlax bed

The discontinued Snorlax Beanbag Chair ranks as one of the most popular Object of Geek Desires posted on this humble site - and it's easy to see why.

You take a cute character from a beloved video game / cartoon franchise, stuff them full of soft filling, and invite people to plant their butts on it while they play other games.

It's elegant in its simplicity, really.

Unfortunately, the seller of the Snorlax Beanbag Chair has dropped out of the crafting market - which left a gaping, Snorlax-shaped hole in our hearts - but today, loyal readers, that hole will gape no more.

Adorable Korean toddler not included

While not technically a beanbag, the overstuffed Snorlax Bed is about as close to the original lounge item as you can get on the wide and varied world of Etsy.

Crafted by the Seoul-based artist Catherine Kim (IamKnight), the bed measures an impressive 5'8" x 5' which makes it a bit small for your average adult's slumbertime needs but it's absolutely perfect for kids, pets, or your recreational gaming/slouching needs.

Unfortunately, there are a few caveats about the Snorlax Bed that bear mentioning.  First off, it'll set you back $288.00 (+$68 shipping) and it might take awhile to arrive as it's coming from South Korea.

Secondly, the bed is described as a "DIY" project to keep shipping costs down.  From the broken english in the Snorlax Bed's description I take it to mean that the main bed ships unstuffed and you'll need to buy cotton/foam/etc. to stuff it yourself when it arrives.

All told, it seems like a bit of a risky proposition to drop $350 on... but it's hard to say no to a sales pitch like this:

Buy cotton from marrket (10kg), you can make perfect snorlax

I think I'll order two.