Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Kakariko Village cover will help you find your happy place

Most Legend of Zelda fans will smile when they hear the first few notes of Kakariko Village's musical theme.

At once tranquil and frontiersy, it's easy to picture the laid-back lifestyle of the Kakarikans (?) as they go about their days toiling at the windmill, fixing their roofs, and counting their un-smashed pots.

Kakariko Village, then, ranks as one of the most popular Zelda themes of all time - and it's no surprise that it's been covered and remixed many time over.  But YouTube cover artist Supershigi might just win the non-existent award for "Best Vocal and Piano Cover of Kakariko Village" with her arrangement.

Take a few minutes out of your day to let this one sink in, it's really quite pretty.

Supershigi (real name, Laura Shigihara) has a bunch of other great covers up on her YouTube channel including a great vocal arrangement of Fi's Theme and an equally beautiful cover of Ballad of the Goddess.  Outside of Zelda covers, she's put together a great vocal arrangement of Schala's Theme from Chrono Trigger which is well worth a listen.

Finally, as an added bonus for the Plants vs. Zombies fans out there, she has a ton of piano covers of PvZ music which all sound way more beautiful than you'd think possible.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab a nice tall glass of lemonade, put Kakariko Village on loop for a couple of hours, and call it a day.