Tuesday, May 13, 2014

12-year-old MMO Final Fantasy XI set to receive massive update tomorrow

Yes, you read the headline correctly: Final Fantasy XI - Square Enix's first MMO - is turning twelve this year.  In this dodecalogy of years, the game's inspired fans to capture its beauty through digital postcards, incredible multi-media sculptures, arranged remix albums, and all manner of other tributes.

But it turns out that FFXI is still trundling along, and it's set to receive a fairly massive update this week.

As the MMO works its way through its latest (and perhaps last?) expansion The Seekers of Adoulin, it's fitting that the majority of the content revolves around new story missions and new high level battlefields - but there's also a whole bunch of other tweaks thrown in as well.

For instance, the adventuring fellow level cap's been raised to 99 (or, 24 levels than my character's max level was when I logged out for the last time those many years ago) and the new single-player party Trust system's added Maat as a NPC.

That's right: you can now fight alongside the dude who may or may not have handed you your ass at level 70.

On one hand, it's really amazing that Final Fantasy XI is still getting new content 12 years into its life cycle considering that some franchises don't last as long as FFXI has.

On the other, it's still generating Square Enix a considerable sum of money... so it makes sense to give the playerbase more things to do and keep them playing.

It's hard to know how much longer FFXI has left in its lifespan, but considering that it's still seeing support even after the launch (...and relaunch) of its spiritual successor it seems like the 'ol game still has plenty of life left in it even if it's almost completely unrecognizable from its original incarnation.

Who knows, if a few years we might get wistful arrangements like this from players who long to return to the Adoulin zones.

Keep up the good fight, FFXI you {long time} {run!}ning {bastard sword}.