Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dark Dungeons, the satirical film adaptation of Jack Chick's anti-RPG comic, gets its first trailer

Around this time last year, an amazing film project came to Kickstarter - one that sought to bring a fear-mongering, hardline Christian comic of Jack Chick's to the big(ish) screen.

The comic in question - Dark Dungeons - is Chick's woefully misguided condemnation of tabletop RPGs (notably, Dungeons & Dragons) for their potential to inspire players to worship Satan.

And also, apparently, murder each other.

Anyone who's ever sat around a gaming table can tell you that satan worship and player murder are relatively rare occurrences, but Chick tends to live in a bit of a different reality than the rest of us do.

Anyway, it turns out that the low-budget film project funded by last year's Kickstarter is just about complete... and it's actually looking pretty good.  Heck, we even have an ultra HD trailer of it and everything.

What's amazing here is the filmmaker's utter devotion to the storyboard of Chick's wildly inaccurate comic.

Amazingly, the film doesn't appear to be an outright attack on Chick or hardline Christians in general and there's no agnostic smarm to be seen.  Instead, the filmmaker is perfectly content to let Chick's whacky world speak for itself.

...which is for the best, as no amount of commentary could possibly lampoon Chick any better than his own writing could.

Those curious to watch Dark Dungeons in its entirety will have to wait to this August, when the film has its premiere at GenCon - the almost 50-year-old con convention rolled up by Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax.

Happily, you can also pre-order Dark Dungeons which'll see a physical ($10) and digital ($5) release on the same day by clicking this underlined blue text here.