Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Final Fantasy XIV mum on same-sex marriage, gives players a two-seater chocobo instead

Way back in 2012, Final Fantasy XIV was struggling to be anything other than a punchline to gaming sites, bloggers, and Redditors alike.

Square Enix then made the gutsy decision to pull the plug on FFXIV and relaunch it as A Realm Reborn.  Around the time this was going on, SE teased a bunch of new features that would work their way into A Realm Reborn - including a much-requested marriage system.

Fans soon flooded the dev team with questions - specifically whether this marriage system would allow for same-sex marriage or not - and producer Naoki Yoshida responded with a rather epic dodge.

Fast forward eighteen months, and A Realm Reborn is alive and well with 2 million subscribers to its name. And now, it's getting ready to roll out its wedding update.

Unfortunately, it looks like FFXIV is staying true to Yoshida's words and starting with heterosexual marriage only... but at least the outfits are looking pretty spiffy.

While the perpetuation of traditional marriage between a cat-man and a elf-woman is undoubtedly disappointing news for some, update 2.3 will ease the pain somewhat with a two-man mount feature.  This isn't restricted to married couples only, mind, but it'll sure make for a classy way to get to and from the wedding chapel.

Just like the Bible intended

It'll be interesting to see how the FFXIV's playerbase responds to the heteronormative marriage standards and if / how Square Enix responds in turn to them.

Japan isn't a country known for having progressive views on same-sex marriage after all, but maybe FFXIV will be the game to change it.

And if not, hey... two-seater chocobo!

hat tip to Siliconera for the Letter from the Producer translation