Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jake Kaufman makes Phoenix Wright even more awesome with an 80's synth remix

Not so long ago, news hit the interwebs that Japanese fans could rock out to a Phoenix Wright piano arrangements album.

Western fans raised a great many... protests... to this announcement, since the album wouldn't be available for direct sale in the US or Europe. As these fans wait for import copies, or the inevitable rip, they're no doubt looking for more Phoenix Wright music to help them pass the time.

Game music legend Jake Kaufman / Virt (of Contra 4, Shantae, and Ducktales Remastered fame) has stepped up to the plate and mashed up music from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney with some awesomely cheesy 80s synth rock.

The end result is straight outta Top Gun, and it's everything you should be listening to right now.

The remix comes as part of Virt's inaugural installment of something he's calling the Fusion Challenge - where fans give him a song / soundtrack from a video game and an unlikely musical style / genre for it to be performed in.  Think Shanghai Jazz Skyrim or Goth Rock Katamari and you won't be far off of what he's looking for.

Anyway, here's the video of Virt explaining the inspiration for the Fusion Challenge project, jump to 3:15 for the remix.

If you're in the mood for quality VG arrangements, you could certainly do worse things than subscribe to Kaufman's YouTube channel since he plans on doing one of these fusion mash-up challenges per week.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to gel my hair back and work on my OBJECTION! pose.