Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mariachi wedding band absolutely kills it with Zelda's Gerudo Valley

Ask any red-blooded Zelda fan what their favorite theme from the games is, and most - if not all - will respond with "Gerudo Valley" almost by reflex.

There's a good reason for this.  Outside of being an amazingly upbeat and catchy little song, "Gerudo Valley" probably one of the most original tracks composed by Koji Kondo during his 29-year career of Zelda music.

But can you play it at a wedding?

The answer is a resounding yes... assuming that you happen to have a friendly mariachi band handy.

YouTuber Christian Martinez posted the video of this amazing auditory spectacle taken from a friend's wedding - and I can't even begin to guess how big the reception was, based on the size of that band.

Anyway!  The groom, apparently a huge Legend of Zelda fan, had no idea that this was coming.  Instead, the bride decided to surprise him and give him a wedding day memory that he - and now the rest of the internet - will never forget.

It's unlikely that this would ever mesh with a full Legend of Zelda-themed wedding... but hey, Cinco de Mayo's right around the corner.  Someone needs to track down this band and request a studio recording of this version, stat!