Monday, May 12, 2014

Object of geek desire: Hello Kitty... contact lenses?

If there's one thing Sanrio knows how to do, it's market the ever-living crap out of Hello Kitty.

Created in the mid-70's, the iconic cat has outgrown her cutesy, cartoony roots and has since appeared on everything from toasters to mini-fridges (to say nothing of lingerie and HD TVs).

Diehard fans can deck themselves head to toe in Sanrio-branded swag if they so choose, but there's always been one area of the human body safe from the endearingly oblong noggin' of Hello Kitty - the human eye.

That changes today.

Yes, that's exactly what it looks like - a Hello Kitty contact lens.

Available exclusively in Japan from FallInEyez, the monthly supply of contact lenses comes with a matching pink contact lens case, a branded Hello Kitty bag, and something called an "I believe in the Cute" case... because, why not?

Unfortunately, there's no price listed for these lenses without an order inquiry  - and the odds of them surfacing the west are relatively low.

But if you absolutely, positively need to surrender the one last corner of your body safe from Sanrio over to the adorable tyranny of Hello Kitty, you can head over to White Rabbit Express and see if they can order 'em for you.