Sunday, May 4, 2014

Professor Hatsune Miku is in - Japanese University to open the first Vocaloid composition program

If you've ever wanted to get a degree in Vocaloid - and happen to speak enough Japanese to enroll in Shikoku University's music program - then you're in luck!  Starting in April of next year, the Junior College will open a new 2-year Music Development course focused on Vocaloid and Vocaloid music composition.

The course, as reported by Kotaku, will teach students the basics of how to use a Vocaloid computer program in the first year - with composition covered in year two.  Students will also have the chance to take self-management classes so they can effectively market the songs they've created with Miku, Luka, and friends in a university setting.

For those paying attention at home, Shikoku University's program comes just a few months after Japan's Digital Hollywood University debuted its "Hatsune Miku, Loves Creator" film course.

And while both of these programs are nice enough for aspiring, creative otaku-types, they both lack the credentials of, say, Kyoto Seika Univesity's PhD program in manga studies.

Still, it makes sense for more Japanese Universities to begin acknowledging the creative potential of Vocaloid - given the amazing talent that's popped up from a handful of self-taught Vocaloid producers.  And the fact that Hatsune Miku's lent her voice to everything from post-modern pastoral symphonies to full-fledged opera probably doesn't hurt either.

But for all of that, it's worth remembering here that Shikoku University is the first school in Japan - or the world, for that matter - to offer a program dedicated to Vocaloid composition and performance, so I think we're still a long way off from seeing Hatsune Miku majors enroll at prestigious music conservatories.