Monday, June 9, 2014

Kawaiian Punch is going to E3 (again!)

Just like last year at around this time, I'm heading up to LA to indulge in the craziness that is E3 for the next four days.

While some of you might envy me this trip, the "fun" of the experience wears off quickly when you're a journalist sent to cover the spectacle... and any wide-eyed glee for the industry melts away quickly under the strain of 12-16 hour days spent in meetings, running to meetings, and drinking with people you had meetings with after hours.

Ok, so that's a bit of a cynical view - the show itself is pretty darn awesome and I'm totally stoked for it - and you should be too!

Unfortunately, my time there is on somebody else's payroll so updates here will be pretty rare until Friday.  That said, I'm not above posting the odd picture or two from the floor to the Kawaiian Punch Facebook page, and I can't wait to see you lovely people when I return.

There are some big changes in the works here at Kawaiian Punch, so stay tuned for the updates!